September FLY OF THE MONTH: CDC Caddis Emerger

Morning, mid day, and even during the evening hatch, you can find caddis in all of our river sheds. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the caddis could be the top fly for the next few months. Most have elk hair caddis, which is a great caddis to have on hand;

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August FLY OF THE MONTH: Hopper

Hopper patterns are working everywhere right now. In fact, it’s hard to walk to the river without spooking a few away. Hoppers fall into the water all the time, making them a targeted food source for any opportunistic trout.  Try fishing hoppers in our headwaters for the best results. Also, do not forget to take

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July’s FLY OF THE MONTH: PMD Cripple

The PMD Cripple can be one of the more interesting looking patterns in the mayfly series, often overlooked and not used. The fact of the matter is, this fly is a lifesaver when it comes to catching fish. The fly is mimicking the stage in which the actual yellow mayfly is exiting the exoskeleton of

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With salmon flies in full force, it has to be the fly of the month. Fishing the South Fork of the Boise River with a salmon fly right now is king. The fish are keyed into them all day. Having a fish smack that huge fly off the surface is awesome. Flows on the river

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Mission 43 Women Veterans Outing

“We just can’t keep you away from here,” was the cheerful greeting I got from the man behind the counter as I walked into Idaho Angler at 7:30 a.m. “Good morning, Dale.” I said, lifting my cup of tea. “You are in the exact same spot where I left you yesterday morning.” “Yeah, Dale has

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Our Father’s Day Picks

There are so many items in the fly shop to look at! Please come in and see what is available. From Yeti Coolers to a fancy fish beer glass from Rep Your Water, Patagonia luggage, tying materials, fly rods and books…we have something on every dad’s wishlist stocked at Idaho Angler. Dr. Slick Fly tying

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