January FLY OF THE MONTH: Duracell Jig Fly

When it comes to “go to” nymphs, the Duracell is quickly earning a name for itself amongst anglers, especially this time of year. Very often we get asked about this specific fly by name because of the success people have with it. For most anglers, it will be no surprise that the Duracell jig nymph

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December FLY OF THE MONTH: Rubber Legged Stonefly Nymph

Most of our watersheds have stoneflies, and if you are nymphing this winter this fly can be key to your success. Often fish get selective, and this includes underwater feeding. Some days in the winter the fish will focus on stonefly nymphs, and if you have one tied on it can make a world of

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The BWO RS2 is a killer pattern. It is a go-to BWO and one you should start with every time you see the baetis stating to hatch. Right now you SHOULD have this pattern if you are fishing our two primary fisheries: the Owyhee and the South Fork of the Boise. If you go out

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October FLY OF THE MONTH: Orange Perdigon

This fly has many names, and we call it the fire starter. This heavy little nymph has been a fantastic first choice when fishing our local rivers. For some reason beyond our explanation, the fish are eating the heck out of this fly. Try it out on the Boise River through town and on the

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September FLY OF THE MONTH: CDC Caddis Emerger

Morning, mid day, and even during the evening hatch, you can find caddis in all of our river sheds. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the caddis could be the top fly for the next few months. Most have elk hair caddis, which is a great caddis to have on hand;

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