OWYHEE RIVER – November 20,2021

The flows on the Owyhee have dropped to their winter flows at 20-30 CFS. We recommend giving the Owyhee a break as the browns are entering their spawning season, however it is not illegal to fish so try to avoid Redds and target slower and deeper water. There have been good BWO and Midge hatches in the mornings and later evenings

Flies to use: TB Split Case BWO, WD-40 Midge, SR Bullet Olive, Tiny Tailwater, Zebra Midge, Last Chance Cripple BWO.


The flows on the South Fork have dropped to their winter flows at 300 CFS. We have been seeing BWO, and Midge hatches. The afternoon is typically the most productive when the temperature is the warmest.


Flies to use:  King Prince Nymph, Split Case BWO, Slim Shady BWO, Two-Bit Hooker, Zebra Midge, WD 40, Manhattan Midge, Hanging Midge, CDC Midge Adult, Sculpzilla. 

SILVER CREEK – November 20, 2021

Regardless of the low flows at 78 CFS, Silver Creek continues to fish well. Small BWO’s and midges have been the main game, definitely leaning towards the smaller size.  Streamers and leech patterns have been working as well.


Flies to use: Split Case BWO, Slim Shady BWO, Zebra Midge, Thin Mint, Jig Leech, balanced leech, Sparkle Minnow.

BOISE RIVER in town- november 20,2021 

The flows in town have dropped to around 200-250 CFS and nymphing is still typically the best way to pick up fish throughout the day. There have been decent BWO and Midge hatches throughout the day with the evenings being the most productive. With the colder weather coming in, streamers have also been productive as well. 

Flies to use:  BH Prince Nymph, BH Hare’s Ear, Blow Torch, Holo Point, Fire Starter, Frenchie, Blow Torch, Sculpzilla, Sparkle Minnow.

DUCK VALLEY – november 20, 2021

Duck Valley’s fishing has been alright but slowly getting better, with the best luck being had on balanced leeches and chironomid patterns. Stripping flies with a sinking line or running bigwater indicators with chironomids underneath is typically the best way to get on these fish. 

Flies to use: Balanced Leech, Balanced Leathertail Leech, Gold Jigger, Magic Perch, Bomber Chironomid, Ice Cream Cone, Juju Chironomid, Wooly Bugger 

BASS FISHING – november 20, 2021

Cold weather has definitely pushed the bass deeper in depth on the river, however if you can get to the right depth the fishing has been okay

Flies to use: Clouser Minnow, Jawbreaker, Meat Whistle, Slider Bugger.

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