The Boise River runs right through the center of Boise and is one of the city’s treasures. A series of beautiful public parks parallel the river and are linked by the 26-mile long Boise River Greenbelt. The river and greenbelt provide year round recreational opportunities including rafting, walking, running, bicycling, and fishing. We use these readily accessible areas for many of our classes, clinics, and for Spey casting lessons.

Just minutes away from the Idaho Angler, the Boise River is a great tail-water fishery where visitors and residents can spend a half-day fly fishing for stocked and wild rainbow and brown trout. The river fishes year round, but is best when the river flows are down, typically from mid-summer (June) through the fall and winter months until spring runoff (April) raises river levels too high for fly fishing.

Nymphing with weighted flies and strike indicators is often the most productive way to catch trout on the Boise, focusing on deeper runs and slots. Summer caddis and fall Blue Wing Olives can bring trout and whitefish to the surface in the softer water. In the fall, steelhead are stocked in the river and create exciting fly fishing opportunities!

Join our experienced guides for walk-and-wade fishing on the Boise River, or spend a full day with us on a Lower Boise River float trip. You’ll be surprised by the quality of fishing and the solitude you’ll experience on a float trip.

An upgrade to our 1/2 day walk-and-wade, this seasonal float takes you through the middle of town in a raft. This trip is dependent on stream flows. Call us for more information and booking. 

The Lower Boise River float trip is a short distance (25 minutes) from downtown Boise, so the trip is conducive to a day of fishing and floating solitude.

The lower river is tree-lined, nature lovers paradise. During our trips, we often see deer, mink, swans, turkeys, and great blue heron rookeries. Because this area receives much less fishing pressure then the in-town sections of the river, it is a good bet for bigger fish.

Join our experienced guides for a full-day on a Lower Boise River float trip. You’ll be surprised by the quality of fishing and the solitude you’ll experience on the float trip.

The Owyhee River is a tail water fishery and home to one of the most incredible brown trout fisheries in North America. Fishing the Owyhee offers remarkable chances to catch large trout on 4-6 weight fly rods on dry flies. Even the largest brown trout, can be very active surface feeders. Fish average 17-21 inches, with larger fish not uncommon.

The Owyhee River is a very special fishery and we look forward to sharing it with you. Guided fishing is all walk-and-wade on the Owyhee River. The Owyhee is a year-round fishery with summer flows around 300 c.f.s., while winter flows average 30 c.f.s. through this beautiful canyon.

Spring fishing kicks off with the exciting Skwala stonefly hatch along with consistent mid-day blue-winged olive and midge hatches. May and June bring Pale Morning Dun, Callibaetis, many types of caddis, with ants and beetles marking the start of terrestrial fishing. Mid-summer adds the excitement of hopper fishing to the mix of hatches already underway – some years, the hopper fishing can be stunning!

Fall weather brings Mahogany and Baetis hatches, which continue into the fall brown trout spawning season (Nov-Dec). At this time, we leave the trout in the Owyhee River alone and shift our focus to swinging steelhead flies on the Grande Rhonde and Idaho rivers.

This river has many hatches throughout the year. Idaho Angler guides are up to speed on current conditions and hatches and can help you have a fun and productive day on this amazing river.

Booking days are limited, so be sure to reserve your Owyhee River fishing trip now. *Please be aware that, per Oregon regulations, we are currently not allowed to guide on the Owyhee from December 1st through February 28th.

Located in southeast Idaho near Driggs, this tributary of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River features breathtaking views of the Teton range. Wildlife viewing is abundant in this peaceful valley while  casting to hungry rainbow, cutthroat, cutbows and brook trout from a drift boat. Excellent flyfishing opportunities for all skill levels, with great early season hatches that continue into autumn. 

Southern Idaho boasts two other exciting fisheries that are not well known. The Snake River runs through southern Idaho and offers great fly fishing for carp, smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Bass Fishing — Swan Falls Dam on the Snake River is 45 minutes south of Boise. The river below the dam is home to healthy populations of smallmouth bass, channel catfish, carp, crappie, and the occasional rainbow trout. Bass are the usual targets and are easily fooled with most streamer-type patterns such as woolly buggers and zonkers. Double digit catches of smallmouth in a summer evening are not uncommon, with an occasional rainbow or channel catfish keeping things interesting. Fishing is primarily from the bank or by wading nearshore flats.

Flats Fishing for Carp — Many consider carp the bonefish of the desert west. The fish are spooky, large, and forage in schools along nearshore flats, where they are accessible to the wading angler. Runs are long and will take you well into your backing. Fishing is done by stalking the flats looking for tailing fish and sight casting small streamers and nymphs. If you are tired of measuring fish in inches, join us for some carp fishing, where the fish are measured in pounds!

Non-fisherman can enjoy the rugged beauty of this area with its breathtaking overlooks along the canyon rim and numerous great hiking trails along the sheer rock faces below the canyon walls. Bird-watchers will marvel at sightings of Prairie and Peregrine Falcons, Merlins, various hawks, Golden and Bald Eagles, and several species of owls.

Located in northeast Oregon, the Grande Ronde River has more picture perfect steelhead swinging water than almost any river in North America. In 1988, this tributary of the Snake River was designated a Wild and Scenic River by Congress. The massive basalt canyon walls that rise several thousand feet from the river are home to a wide array of wildlife including bighorn sheep, elk, deer, turkey, upland game birds, and numerous raptors. The main draw for anglers, however, is the summer-run steelhead that inhabit this river beginning in September, and in some years, running as late as December.

The Grande Ronde is one of the top fly fishing steelhead rivers in the West. It has a large run of wild fish, supplemented with hatchery fish. Early October, with its warm water and air temperatures, is the perfect time for chasing steelhead with light single-hand, switch, or Spey rods.

If catching a steelhead on a dry fly is one of your fly fishing dreams, the Grande Ronde is a great place to make that dream come true. Grande Ronde steelhead are renowned for their willingness to come to skated dry flies, or small traditional swung steelhead flies. Imagine a 30” steelhead launching itself at your October Caddis as it skitters and gurgles across the surface of the river. This is truly one of the biggest adrenaline rushes a fisherman can experience in their lifetime.

Because the Grande Ronde is a medium-sized river with lots of traditional swinging and skating water, it is an ideal place to learn to use the smaller Spey and switch rods we favor (11’-13’, 7 & 8 weight rods). Our guides are accomplished two-hand casters. We can help you experience this enjoyable method of fishing whether you are a beginner, or an experienced two-hander looking to tune up your Single Spey.

Lodging is available in the area to fit any budget. You can go rustic, renting a wall tent, complete with wood burning stove, or rent a multi-room house with amenities.

Fishing days can be either walk and wade trips, or float trips, traveling from one picturesque run to another utilizing a self-baling raft fitted with a fishing frame.

If you want to experience western steelhead fishing at its finest, we recommend that you spend at least 2-3 days with us. This will give you a chance to slow down, relax, and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery, as well as increase your chances of catching that lifetime steelhead on light tackle.

Bookings are limited so contact us early to reserve your Grande Ronde fishing adventure.

BOOK YOUR TRIP: Call us to at 208-389-9957 to schedule your trip, inquire about options, and find out more!


The Idaho Angler requires a $100.00 deposit, per day, at the time you book your trip. In addition to the guide fee, the only other expense is a current license and any guide gratuities that you may deem appropriate. The rest is up to us! *** Please be advised that cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will forfeit the deposit (extenuating circumstances may be taken into consideration).

Trip Pricing

  • Boise River In-Town Half-Day $350

    Half Day (1-2 People) Walk and Wade ($395 for 3 People)

  • Boise River In-Town Full Day $595

    Full Day (1-2 People) Walk and Wade ($745 for 3 Pople)

  • Boise River In-Town Half-Day Float $495

    5 hour duration (1-2 People) Seasonal Float.

  • Boise River In-Town Full Day Float $595

    Full Day (1-2 People) Float. Lunch & beverages provided.

  • Owyhee River Full Day $595

    Full Day (1-2 People) Walk and Wade ($745 for 3 People) Lunch & beverages provided.

  • Teton River Full Day $700

    Full Day (1-2 People) Float. Lunch & beverages provided.

  • Snake River Full Day $495

    Full Day (1-2 People) Walk and Wade ($645 for 3 People) Predominant species is bass and carp.

  • Grand Ronde $595

    Full Day (1-2 People) Walk and Wade or Float options available.

*Prices are subject to change.