Hardy Ultra Click Reel

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Contemporary fly fishing has driven innovation and progression toward reels that are lighter, stronger, and more user-friendly than ever before. The Ultraclick is one such reel. Hardy has succeeded in making the lightest trout reel ever. With intelligent porting and minimalistic design, Hardy has packed this reel with all the features you need without including a gram of extra weight. Complete with an enclosed line guard for leader only systems and ultra-thin fly lines, this is the perfect reel for a variety of freshwater small stream trout fishing applications.

3000 Model

Fly Line Capacity: WF4+45 (20lb Dacron)
Weight: 2.3 oz

4000 Model

Fly Line Capacity: WF5+75 (20lb Dacron)
Weight: 2.4 oz.



One of the Lightest Fly Reels Ever – Hardy set out to make the lightest trout reel of all time and they’ve succeeded. The blazing lightweight Ultraclick features a futuristic modern design with a simple click-check drag for anglers targeting small trout on small water. By minimizing materials and maximizing porting, Hardy designed a reel that is lightweight and functional for the best of both worlds.


Bronze Anodized Finish – The bronze anodizing on the Ultraclick is rigid and strong to preserve the structure of the reel and to increase durability. Type II anodizing holds up well to dings and scrapes. It also protects the reel from harsh weather conditions and ensures high performance for the lifetime of the reel.


6061 Bar Stock Aluminum – The Ultraclick is forged from aircraft-grade aluminum for a lightweight, rugged design that holds up to anything the angler throws at it. The porting on this reel is done intelligently to decrease overall reel weight without decreasing durability. 6061 aluminum is popular in the fly fishing industry because of its strong, resilient nature.


Type – The Ultraclick has an adjustable click-check drag system that pays homage to trout reels of old. While this is a sleek, modern reel, the drag system is simple and functional for small water trout applications when a strong drag isn’t needed.

Materials – The click-check drag on this reel is made with all metal parts for increased durability and heightened functionality. This drag system is designed with durable materials to remain strong and functional during years on the water.

Arbor Size

Ultra Large Arbor – The ultra-large arbor design of the Ultraclick allows anglers to pick line up quickly and efficiently. Line pickup is important when fighting freshwater fish and the Ultraclick is designed to help you land fish quicker.


3000 (3/4), 4000 (4/5)


Olive Bronze

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