Waterworks Lamson Center Axis Saltwater Series Fly Rods

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Effortless accuracy. Cast off your preconceptions of fly rod design. The Center Axis may be the most meaningful advancement in fly rod performance since graphite replaced fiberglass all those decades ago. By closely aligning the center mass of our Litespeed reel with the center axis of our rods, we’ve de-levered the mass of the heavier object. The result will amaze you. You’ll feel the pulse of your cast like never before. Don’t take our word for it. Put the Center Axis in your hand. Casting is believing.

Our saltwater rods seamlessly blend a solid lower section with a crisp, energetic, and lively tip, easily and intuitively generating line speed and clean, smooth loops.  All saltwater rods are outfitted with hard-wearing composite top grips, titanium stripper guides, and anodized aluminum double uplocking reels seats, and come in our signature flat sky grey color with cobalt blue accents. All Center Axis Saltwater system reels are semi-permanently fixed to the rod and require a tool for removal.




690-4, 790-4, 890-4

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