September FLY OF THE MONTH: CDC Caddis Emerger

Morning, mid day, and even during the evening hatch, you can find caddis in all of our river sheds. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the caddis could be the top fly for the next few months. Most have elk hair caddis, which is a great caddis to have on hand; HOWEVER, I am surprised at how many have yet to try a caddis with a CDC wing, like the picture above. The CDC caddis emerger presents softer and rides low in the water. This can be good in water that is smoother, because it gives the caddis a realism that can fool even the most difficult trout. They work just as well in choppy water. The drawback is that the CDC caddis emerger needs to be fluffed back up after every catch, but that’s low maintenance when it’s working.  Be sure to have every size from a 12-18 on hand. Everyday can offer a curveball with fish being selective on size. We always start big, then drop down in size if needed. Happy fishing, and we hope you discover the joys of the CDC caddis emerger.