Our Father’s Day Picks

There are so many items in the fly shop to look at! Please come in and see what is available. From Yeti Coolers to a fancy fish beer glass from Rep Your Water, Patagonia luggage, tying materials, fly rods and books…we have something on every dad’s wishlist stocked at Idaho Angler.

Dr. Slick Fly tying scissors

If you are looking for a more practical gift for dad, think of fly tying scissors. When it comes to tying, we always need a new pair of scissors. This is an item that dads will rarely replace, but will always need. Scissors become dull because we always use the tip portion for intricate tying.

Simms short sleeve shirt

This shirt is perfect for any social interaction, as only a fellow angler will know what it is. A simple design of tailing fish will not only be a cool shirt, but the person who knows what it is will be the person Dad would want to talk to anyways… a real win win.

Rep your water fish tie

If you want to keep the gift traditional, then we have the medicine. A fish tie will not only abide to a dress code, but showcase your father’s love for the sport. Incorporating fish in any aspect of work attire can and will make your dad’s day.

umpqua fly box

Everyone loves a new fly box, and so would dad. The Umpqua is definitely an upscale box that offers a silicone fly holder, making it the longest lasting fly box so far. It comes in a variety of colors to coordinate your caddis, streamers, nymphs, or mayflies. Make fly selection easy with this fly box. (Guide Recommended)

fishpond fish net

A new fish net with an artistic fish skin handle is a gift that dad will most likely not buy for himself. This is a luxury for any angler to own, and therefore a real treat to get as a gift. I bet dad has looked at these several times thinking he would love to have a cool net, but typically passes on the temptation. Watch his eyes light up when you present him with an awesome new net that you know he will love.

footwear from olukai

The ultimate shoe for dad. Why? It has no laces. This is a comfortable shoe that is easy to slip on and off, and they come in a variety of neutral colors to fit any casual outing. Slip on shoes are not your dad’s style? Go with the Olukai flip flop. With a larger variety to choose from, both shoe or flip flop, this is a cool casual gift that dad will get plenty of use from.

shadow x rod from echo

When it comes to specialty fly rods, this European-style fishing rod was designed by a local Boise resident from Fly Fishing Team USA. By design this rod allows all anglers to commit to Euro Nymphing. It is not uncommon to see people go from a 1-3 fish day to a 5-10 fish day on average with this fly rod style and the correct technique. Dad will sure to be thankful when presented with the right tool for the job.

patagonia stealth pack

If dad is adventurous and looking to hike into some mountain lakes, then he will love putting all his gear into the Patagonia Stealth Pack for his first hike of the year. This day pack will easily fit everything dad will need for a day’s adventure to a mountain lake.

local art

Sometimes fly fishing dads are hard to shop for, because it seems like they already have everything. If this is the case, then perhaps take a look at all the local art we have hanging in the fly shop. Nothing can bring more pleasure than to have some local fish art hanging in your home or office, and if that art was provided by a son or daughter then dad would not only love it, but be proud to hang it up.

fishpond rod & reel case

If dad is already on the unorganized side, then perhaps a rod and reel case is just thing thing dad need to keep it all together. No more forgetting reels at home, or the extra leader and tippet. It can now all fit into one easy-to-handle case designed to keep your fly fishing gear organized.