Our Fly Fishing for Women workshop is back by popular demand!

Join us at the Idaho Angler for our Fly Fishing for Women 1-Day Workshop April 22nd from 9am-5:30pm.

Have you had a taste of fly fishing, and want to know more? Sign up for a day of in-depth learning with other interested women, and gain the skills and confidence you are looking for! Learn the fundamentals of fly fishing, meet other women learning to fly fish, and make some great memories while learning all about your new favorite sport! 

The 1-day workshop will be taught Karlie Roland, a Henry’s Fork guide and sales representative for Umpqua.

Space is limited so don't wait! $175 per person


The Equipment: all about rods, reels, lines, leader, tippet and how it all works

The Gear: waders and boots, clothing, and accessories, i.e., nippers and packs/vests. We cover it all, and show you how to choose the right gear.

The Knots: how to tie the key knots.

Casting: in-class theory on several types of casts, line control and mending, followed by on-the-grass casting with a rod and reel. 

Finding the Fish: how to read the water and figure out where the fish are likely to be, and how to present flies to them.

Bugs & Flies: a look at the entomology of the insects on the river, and the flies that emulate them.

Fly Fishing & Stream Etiquette: best practices will be covered.

Safe Wading: learn how to safely navigate rocks, boulders, and the water.

The Catch: what to do when you get a fish “on”, and how to safely handle and release your catch with Keep Fish Wet best practices.

You will also receive our info-packed 101 handbook, and discounts in the shop and on a guided fishing trip.

Learn "Keep Fish Wet" techniques for safe handling and release of catches.

Dial in your casting and learn new techniques.

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