Boise River In-Town
The Boise River runs right through the center of Boise and provides one of the city's most treasured recreational venues. A series of beautiful public parks parallel the river and are linked by the 26-mile long Boise River Greenbelt system. The river and greenbelt provide year round recreational opportunities that include rafting, walking, running, bicycling, and fishing.

The Boise River through town is a tailwater fishery that provides nearby angling opportunities to residents and visitors alike. Sections of the river are managed with special regulations to ensure quality fishing for rainbows, browns, and whitefish.

Popular areas (from the eastside to the westside of town) include Barber Park, the University stretch between Broadway and Capitol Boulevards, and Eagle Island. Rainbows dominate on the eastside, while numbers of brown trout increase as you move west, and as the river temperature warms.

We also utilize the river in the downtown park sections for teaching our advanced and Spey Casting classes.

Suggested Flies: Bead head nymphs, caddis larva, caddis dries, hoppers, woolly buggers.

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